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How Jewish Is `Too Jewish'?

A controversy regarding possible discrimination and quotas on The Crimson's editorial page and in the "shoot" process for executive positions

Stealing the Prophet's Mantle

I n the Passion according to Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. held a sort of Last Supper

The Rape of Clio: Reconciling Art and History

Aside from the manner of her death, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, Grand Duchess of Russia, should have no particular reason to

Jiang's Halloween Costume

P resident Jiang Zemin of China has chosen the perfect time to come to Harvard: Halloween. Jiang is himself a

Harvard Will Host 'Parade of Stars'

Whip out the tuxes and rev up your limos. An Oscar-style awards show called the "Parade of Stars" is coming

The Hill of Evil Counsel

L ast week, a so-called "friend of Israel," President Clinton, spoke out against Israel's construction of a new residential neighborhood


David Letterman wasn't cut out for the Crimson comp, so we at Dartboard sent him over to Demon. (He wouldn't

No Choice Exists

Y ou probably didn't know Ron Herman, a 20 year-old from the city of Ranaana in Israel. I didn't know