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Capital Punishment

"IF YOU DON'T TRY, you can't fail." So posits one of the venerable Salada tea bags that have guided many

Behind the Glitter

I N 1965, when writer William Goldman flew into L.A. for his first Hollywood film, Harper, a chauffeured limousine awaited

The Sixties Reinvented

I suppose if you wanted to pin down any single recent trend in American films, it would have to be

A Grade A Record Guide

Christgau. The name alone conjures up both savior and fascist. Yet he mercifully falls somewhere in between. Explicit about his

All Work and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy

J ACK NICHOLSON must be viewed as dangerous. Dangerous to the status quo, and to our ideal of an untarnished

The Demons of Pseudo-Euro-Disco; Jeffreys, Hunter, Kinks & Stones Redux

What would you do if you and two other guys dyed your hair blond, recorded a few records of slick,

Snap, Crackle Pop Rock

R OCK MUSIC has not aged gracefully. Compare the lyrics of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" to their recent "She's So

The Horror, The Horror

I KNEW the day of reckoning was coming. I just wasn't ready for it to hit me when it did.

The Great Escape

A MERICA HAS ALWAYS escaped through pop music. Imported African slaves sang while working to alleviate the pain and make