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Champagne Parties on Beer Budgets

M Y FAMILY is ready. Two parents, two step-parents and a brother have requested three days off from work, adding

To the Man Who Left Me Alone

I DON'T know your name, but I write this to you. Last night at about 2 a.m., I was walking

Bell Says Blacks Spurred Evolution of Constitution

Black people, more than any other American group, were responsible for broadening the interpretation of the Constitution to protect individual

Harvard Docs Find New Tumor Treatment

Doctors studying a common type of tumor at the Harvard-affiliated Dana Farber Cancer Institute have developed a treatment that has

Student Markets 'Artwalks,' Guided Tour Cassette Tapes

It's the only tour guide you can turn on and off, regulate the volume of, and then store in your

The QRR: A Harvard Rite of Passage

I TRIED TO think of it as an integral part of my education. I tried to think of it as

High Court Upholds Capital Punishment

The Supreme Court, in a crushing defeat for opponents of capital punishment, ruled yesterday that state death penalty laws are

Study Reexamines Effects of Cholesterol

Healthy nonsmokers with low blood pressure have little to gain by reducing the level of cholesterol in their diets, according

MGH Proposes Group Venture

The Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) last month proposed to merge its land near North Station with property owned by