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Rites of Spring in the Nation's Capitol

After a day of watching three-piece suited Harvard students talk to similarly-suited Senators, it is a relief ?? lie in

324 Universities Strike Nationally; Protests Expand

With 324 colleges and universities across the country on strike for the three national demands, demonstrations continued yesterday and the

Report Says 'Rights' Plan Final by Fall

Plans for a University-wide policy on disciplinary procedures should be finalized by next Fall, according to a report released Tuesday

Lunching at the CFIA

"Great day for a riot; isn't it?" We stood in front of Mem Church, listening to the NAC speakers and

Honeywell's Recruiter Calls Off Interviews; Women Cancel Protest

Because lack of student interest has forced the Honeywell recruiter to cancel his visit to the Radcliffe Career Planning Office,

Professor of Public Health To Survey 100,000 Women On the Effects of the Pill

A doctor at the School of Public Health is conducting a survey of over 100,000 married women in eastern Massachusetts

NAC To Support Rally Protesting Overseers' Group

Members of NAC (November Action Coalition) voted last night to support a demonstration Wednesday against the Board of Overseers Visiting

The Hearing-Goer Birth Control

IT WAS A-lesson in Massachusetts politics, or maybe politics in general. A visit to one of the public hearings of

Bill to Repeal Birth-Control Law Sparks Debate in Public Hearing

Room 480 of the State House overflowed with witnesses and spectators yesterday as the Massachusetts Legislative Committee on Social Welfare