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Mr. Huntington Goes to Pretoria

Perhaps it is an occupational hazard: political scientists, even more than academics in other fields, seem to want to see

Qoboza, Released From Jail, Returns to Get Tufts Degree

When Percy Qoboza returned to South Africa after spending a year here as a Nieman Fellow, he said last week,

Biko: A Man for His People

U NTIL HIS DEATH last September, few people outside South Africa had heard of Steve Biko. Their ignorance was understandable;

...Two Plays in One

I T SOUNDED LIKE a great idea: combining two enormously popular works into one massive play, which would cover topics

A Siege Mentality

I T WAS NOT a pleasant sight: Harvard's President Derek C. Bok, stalking tight-lipped through the Yard, followed by at

A High-Risk Position

President Bok smiled wryly last week when reporters asked how he would respond if Dean Rosovsky were to leave Harvard.

A Green World

IN MANY WAYS, Marcel Camus's Black Orpheus was a revelation for American audiences. Surrounding a Greek myth with the swirling

A Place To Express Yourself

Back in 1972, when Harvard students wanted to protest the University's holdings in companies active in Portuguese-controlled Angola, they felt

A Peripatetic Fellow

W ILFRED BURCHETT does not look like a radical journalist. In fact, he looks more like a conservative businessman. But

A Schell Of His Former Self

Ever since Americans first began visiting the People's Republic of China, the American public has been besieged by first-person accounts

The Cruellest Deadline Of All

The war in Indochina presented an entirely new set of challenges to the American army. Trained in the conventional tactics

Political Asylum

A BOUT TWO HOURS before curtain, the as in the original Broadway production of Peter Weiss's Marat/Sade would take their

Upside-Down Pineapple Guitar

Joanne Cipolla plays her guitar wrong. With the strings in an unidentified open tuning (Cipolla can't tell you what chord

The Fathers May Soar

S OMETIME EARLY IN THE 1900s, the white politicians of the midwestern town that is the setting for Toni Morrison's

Push Came To Shove

When Percy P. Qoboza was a Nieman fellow here two years ago, he justified his newspaper's emphasis on sensational rather