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Qoboza, Released From Jail, Returns to Get Tufts Degree

When Percy Qoboza returned to South Africa after spending a year here as a Nieman Fellow, he said last week,

Biko: A Man for His People

U NTIL HIS DEATH last September, few people outside South Africa had heard of Steve Biko. Their ignorance was understandable;

...Two Plays in One

I T SOUNDED LIKE a great idea: combining two enormously popular works into one massive play, which would cover topics

A Siege Mentality

I T WAS NOT a pleasant sight: Harvard's President Derek C. Bok, stalking tight-lipped through the Yard, followed by at

A High-Risk Position

President Bok smiled wryly last week when reporters asked how he would respond if Dean Rosovsky were to leave Harvard.

A Green World

IN MANY WAYS, Marcel Camus's Black Orpheus was a revelation for American audiences. Surrounding a Greek myth with the swirling

A Place To Express Yourself

Back in 1972, when Harvard students wanted to protest the University's holdings in companies active in Portuguese-controlled Angola, they felt

A Peripatetic Fellow

W ILFRED BURCHETT does not look like a radical journalist. In fact, he looks more like a conservative businessman. But

A Schell Of His Former Self

Ever since Americans first began visiting the People's Republic of China, the American public has been besieged by first-person accounts