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Republicans don’t like handouts. They prefer individual responsibility. Conservatives believe in an America where men and women get ahead through

Failures of Intelligence

The CIA is in turmoil. New director Porter Goss took the agency’s helm just two months ago, but he’s wasted

Putting the Money Back into Politics

Thanks to the unfortunate exigencies of newspaper deadlines, this column is a time capsule written in the blistering anxiety of

Deliberate This

For ten riveting minutes last Friday, CNN’s “Crossfire” dared to air a real debate, albeit by accident. “The Daily Show”’s

Out of Gas

Speaking at the Democratic convention this summer, John Kerry took a memorable dig at the president. “We value an America

Fact or Fiction?

When the scandal first broke back in March it sounded too ripe to believe. The Bush Administration had produced faux-news


A couple of months ago, a friend complained that my columns were too focused on AIDS. He told me to

Marching For Women’s Lives

If you’re not going, chances are you know someone who is. Hell, my mom is flying out all the way

Yesterday Rwanda, Today Sudan

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, the United Nations declared yesterday, April 7, to be the first