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H Bomb Suffers Money Woes

It hit the campus media scene like an H-bomb, but it has now become an H-dud. H Bomb—the student-produced, Harvard

Refurbished Fly-By Returns to Loker

The Loker pub won’t be completed until late spring , but students “of age” can once again get their fly-by

Dining Changes Might Be On The Table

Harvard students who have long pined for extended dining hours may get their wish someday, but with some potentially significant

Rain Ruins Pep Rally Plans

Tonight’s campus-wide Harvard-Yale pep rally in the Yard has officially been cancelled, according to Campus Life Fellow John T. Drake

JetBlue: Promo Not a Prank

The Game 2006: low on alcohol, high on paranoia. E-mail lists across campus were abuzz yesterday with rumors that a

Fresh Spinach Returns From Leave of Absence

Spinach is no longer on leave. Iron-starved students have gotten a reprieve as spinach returned to Dining Hall menus Saturday

Comedians for a Cause

Judah Friedlander NBC’s “30 Rock” RR: What’s this new show “30 Rock” you’re in about? JF: It’s about the behind

Eating on the Run with HUDS

Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) is about to get a little better in the sack. Starting today, students will be

Roving Reporter: Google Buys YouTube

Mark E. Baran ’10 RR: What do you think about Google buying YouTube? MB: I think it’s what Google is

Burst of Flavor

As warm weather and summertime leisure give way to frosty winter and a swirl of activity, Harvard students can still

No Spinach For You!

Students seeking to be “strong to the finich” like Popeye the Sailor Man by eating their spinach are going to

No Longer ‘If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow’

Harvard students, always clamoring for more choice, are now flush with options when it comes to their bathroom activities. Over

Currier Narrows, Thickens Mattresses

Sex at Harvard was already a narrow window of opportunity, and for many Currier House residents that window just got

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For Tommy’s, A ‘Unique’ Sub

First it was the sesame seed crusts that disappeared. Now it’s the Tommy’s Pizza itself. The campus pizzeria—popular with students

Firm Invests $13M in Facebook

A well-known venture capital firm announced yesterday that it will invest $13 million into, the online college directory which