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Shayak Sarkar

I probably shouldn’t be writing this article about Shayak Sarkar ’07. Not only is he one of my closest friends,

Journalist Was Captured by KGB

Nicholas Daniloff ’56 says Harvard did not prepare him for the challenges he would face in his professional life. Perhaps

From Ike to Mao and Beyond

Bookends: An American Communist in Berkeley

Few people today identify as revolutionary communists. Even fewer unabashedly and excitedly espouse the political ideology of Chinese dictator Mao

No Happy Ending for Hair Salon in Court

Alexis I. Caloza ’04, a first-year student at Harvard Law School, was browsing through the antiques section of About Hair

INTELLECTUAL CURRENTS: Intelligent Design Finds Few Sympathizers at HDS

When Harvard was founded in 1636, the University was charged with educating ministers in creationism and other central tenets of

Salon Owner Appears in Court

Just over a month after his arrest for allegedly selling sex services at his Harvard Square business, About Hair proprietor

Religion Abates Income Shock

Though economists typically steer their research away from the spiritual realm, a new study released in August found a connection

A Woman’s World

I moved into the Parkside Evangeline because I got rejected from NYU— housing, that is. My mom found the all-female

Students Win Prize for Design

Five students at the Graduate School of Design (GSD) won a design contest for their plan to develop tsunami-safe housing

Despite Marketing Advice, GSD Shies from Harvard Name

Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Divinity School—they all display it proudly. But out of the

Prof. in Middle of NYC Land Battle

Harvard Design School professor Alex Krieger’s widely-reported contract with media giant Cablevision has placed him at the center of a

Study Finds Academia May Favor Liberals

Harvard’s facetious moniker, “The Kremlin on the Charles,” may be more accurate than previously speculated, according to a report released

THE NEWS IN BRIEF: Law Professor Dershowitz Defends Woman Accused of Racketeering and Fraud

Alan M. Dershowitz, Frankfurter professor of law, moved from the classroom to the courtroom this week to defend Betty Loren-Maltese,

Ed School Dean To Step Down

After only three years at the helm of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (GSE), Dean Ellen Condliffe Lagemann announced that

GSE Dean To Step Down After Three Years

After only three years at the helm of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (GSE), Dean Ellen Condliffe Lagemann announced that