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Weigel Room: Listen Up! Whitman Wants To Talk

Hey, you. Yes, you, reader. Ye that still goest on to Lamont/ though darknesse closest wearie eyes. Crowds of men

Weigel Room: Being 'Cosmo' Girls—And Boys

Princeton philosophy professor Kwame Anthony Appiah begins his newest book “Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers,” not unpredictably, with

Novel Probes Postmodern Predicament Via Protagonist’s Selective Amnesia

“Remembering is a labor, not a luxury,” Umberto Eco admonishes us. Consider yourself warned. Giambattista Bodoni, the unfortunate mouthpiece through

Nobel Laureates Honor Wole Soyinka at IOP

Nobel laureates Nadine Gordimer, Derek Walcott, and Toni Morrison joined hundreds of audience members last night at the John F.

Hitler's Downfall Rescreened

The place where the most famous villain in history met his maker bears no trace of it. After they committed

On the Radar

Ghungroo 2005: A Cultural Celebration Performances with tickets still available are Thursday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, March

Huck Finn Redux Probes Jim's Past

Advocates of public decency have a way of making themselves look foolish in the unforgiving, if often capricious, hindsight of