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Plan B: Prescription Free at UHS

Harvard University Health Services (UHS) began offering Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, without a prescription last month—just over four months

Panel: For UHS, What’s in a Name?

Mental health providers at Harvard face a dilemma and walk a fine line between being welcoming and appearing to take

Boggling Survey Not a Prank

A College initiative to survey students’ experiences of Harvard’s mental health services has left many undergraduates scratching their heads. Students

UHS May Rename Mental Health—But Groups Won't Play Name Game

What’s in a name? According to some students, the rechristening of a department in University Health Services could stand between

UHS to Charge No-Shows $10

Students who miss appointments at University Health Services will find themselves out of pocket starting Oct. 16, when the University

Students Unfurl Petition To Stall MAC Makeover

The Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) is shaping up to be the site of a possible face-off of students against administrators

UHS Offers HPV Vaccine

Harvard University Health Services (UHS) will offer female students vaccinations to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts. The vaccines