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Lindsay A. Maizel

Merriam-Webster decreed “w00t” the number-one word of 2007. A hybrid of letters, numerals, shorthand, and hooting noises, “w00t” is defined

You Might As Well Face It: You’re Addicted to Drugs

Harvard’s Office for Alcohol and Other Drug Services warns us to keep track of our drinks on school-sponsored Nalgenes, and

Hitting The Runway

New York’s Fashion Week is the Harvard of American runway shows: elite, innovative, and bound to produce the next big

Top Five Movies of 2006 that I Want to Wear

1. Feathers and beads, “Apocalypto”: A constant reminder that even if you’ve made mistakes in life—drunk-driving arrests, anti-Semitic tirades, “Lethal

For Guest, Structure Key to Improvisation

Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy have documented—or, more accurately, mockumented—humanity at its most chaotic and unpredictable. Legendary images from their

Students Garner Awards for International Photos

From Chile to Japan, Harvard students traveled the globe last year for thesis research, internships, recreation and income. Last night,

Bale Gets Dirty for His 'Harsh' Role

To the chagrin of all those “Newsies” fans out there, Christian Bale has grown up. In “Harsh Times,” a 2005

Sweet, Moist... Cottony?

Get ’em while they’re hot. T-shirts, that is. Not cupcakes. Welcome to Newbury Street’s newest apparel store, Johnny Cupcakes, specializing

Swan Song for Record Store

Hip-hop artist Michael J. Mure ’09 could lose $132—and Harvard Square will almost certainly lose a longtime landmark—when the Tower

Murder, She Wrote Surprisingly Well

According to a grumbling few, Marisha Pessl’s tangled debut novel “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” does not deserve to be

Durang ’71 Honored At 14th Annual Arts Festival

Blessed with unseasonably perfect weather, Harvard celebrated its 14th annual Arts First festival this past weekend, a showcase of over

The Life and Times of Jane Fonda

Few rival the legend that is Jane Fonda. From her Kennedy-level Hollywood lineage to her multiple Madonna-like transformations, the star

Controversial Playwright Returns

In his 57 years, Christopher F. Durang ’71 has acquired more than a few labels. A Harvard professor once called

At ‘Home’ with Streep

Among the many reasons to see Robert Altman’s new film “A Prairie Home Companion” this June, Meryl Streep’s performance might

Sundance Organizer Previews the Future

Sundance is the Harvard of Film Festivals: prestigious, dotted with celebrity, and monitored by companies for the next big hit.