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Burn After Reading

If winning Best Picture at last year’s Academy Awards for “No Country for Old Men” made Joel and Ethan Coen

Sketches of Spain: El Greco at the MFA

When Philip III ascended to the Spanish throne in 1598, he was 19 years old and uninterested in the responsibilities

Counting Crows

When the Counting Crows didn’t win the Oscar for Best Song in 2005 for “Accidentally in Love” from the movie

Doctor: Medical World Flawed

At the ripe age of 41, surgeon and writer Atul Gawande has a lot to brag about. In addition to

'21,' an MIT Story, Shoots at Harvard

Accustomed to the presence of intellectual superstars around campus, Harvard students barely batted an eyelid yesterday at the prospect of

Telling Secrets, Making Art

Hans Tutschku is an artist who defies classification. Although his first profession is composing, this associate professor of music and

Boston Tries To Be Fashion-Forward

“Red is the new Libertine. Platinum is the new Marie-Antoinette. Leather is the new luxury. Veiling is the new seduction.

'Quixote' a Fluffy Romp

Boston Ballet’s revival of “Don Quixote” is a fluffy, lighthearted romp that forgoes a sense of plot in favor of