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Columbia Professor Nicolas de Torrente discusses the need to pay attention to neglected diseases to a small audience as part of Harvard College Global Health Day.

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Said T. Jawad, the Afghan Ambassador outlines a new strategy for Afghanistan and the changes it plans to make in order to render terrorist groups like the Taliban less viable within its borders.

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Danielle Carrabino, a lecturer at Brandeis, speaks about the art, myth, and culture of Syracuse as a part of a series of lectures on cities and their architectural histories at the Sackler Museum. As a port city, Syracuse brought together Roman, Muslim, S

A viewer learns about President Abraham Lincoln’s more racist side at the world premiere screening of the PBS documentary “Looking for Lincoln” yesterday at the JFK Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics.


Recently released from a Chinese jail, Dr. Yang Jianli KSG '91, President of the Foundation for China in the 21st Century, discussed "The Struggle for Political Rights in China" at a panel discussion at the IOP last night.