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Commencement 2010

The More Things Change

It may often have left me feeling like nothing beyond a more invasive tourist, but studying elsewhere taught me to take that tourist’s eye to my own surroundings in a way that no stack of books on deconstructing social norms can compel.

Back Home and Down to Earth

ELYRIA, Ohio — It was two years ago this summer—the week ending June 22, 2007—that the first intimations of economic

Why I’m Pro-Protest

Harvard students are codependent on authority: We need authorities to underwrite our internships, write our recommendations, and evaluate our comp

The Awkward Stage

As part of his transition strategy, President Barack Obama introduced a web feature meant to symbolize his commitment to expanding

No Country for Late Men

The time was 5:45 am. Walking past a deserted Kennedy Center, it struck my group that in the past ten

In a Puri State of Mind

The small city of Puri sits in the state of Orissa, an eight-hour train ride down the coast from Kolkata.

If It Bleeds, It Leads

The New York Times, captivated by the scent of blood, has suddenly taken an interest in Ivy League athletics. The

A Legacy to Uphold

Few outsiders comprehend the scope of the additional demands of varsity athletics in the Ivy League as compared to other

Department of ‘Your Name Here’

Harvard does not sell the naming rights to academic departments. In a pinch, such a strategy might raise a few

Good Riddance

Feminism and secularism, rightly understood, both put a high value on liberty and tolerance. Supporters of the ban on headscarves

Rotten to the Core

I n their draft proposal, released in October 2006, Harvard’s Task Force on General Education offered “a new rationale for

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Republican Students Lead Mock Debate

Four days before the next debate between the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, their supporters at Harvard sharpened their

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Interfaith Council Sponsors Discussion

Attending a secular university presents difficulties in religious students’ daily routines, but it often also reinforces their faith, student group

No Place for Losers?

A fellow student once expressed surprise to me. He had never realized, he told me, that Harvard students are sometimes