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Chocolate Lovers: Get A Whiff of This

Once upon a time, a young physics concentrator with a penchant for cakes and a talented artist with a smile

Becky Says, 'Say No to Soda'

For eight weeks starting April 20, supermarkets will be stocked with Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback. This limited-edition retro soda

Calories for the Harvard Soul

Dear bagel scoopers, Brain Break crumb eaters, steamed broccoli mound-makers: This column is for you. If you’ve used the excuse,

That's a Wrap: The Truth Behind the Great Sandwich Debate

I have become something of an encyclopedia of sandwich knowledge. I can tell the difference between a standard French Dip

Cooking the Books

“Food is an extremely interesting subject,” says Harvard alum Jeffrey L. Steingarten ’64, food columnist for Vogue, frequent judge on

The New Spirit in Adams House

Something’s brewing in Adams House, and it’s not just beer. Last week at Carpe Noctem—Adams’ answer to the other houses’

Japan's Metabo Mistake

It all started a few years ago when Japan’s Ministry of Health began drumming up awareness of “metabolic syndrome”—a collection

'Everything' Missing Somethin'

You name it, I’ve probably eaten it—or at least thought about eating it. I’ve gobbled my share of pigs’ trotters,

Mission Impossible: Elusive Literati

“let’s meet. let’s whisper. let’s plan out our fugitive poetics projects,” read a call to action in a surreptitious e-mail