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High Art

“Up until LSD, I never realized that there was anything beyond this normal working state of consciousness,” George Harrison famously said in 1987.


“Hunger” is marked by a series of strange and unsettling sequences shot over what feels like painful amounts of time.

Male Mystery in 'History Boys'

Secretly, society has a fascination with the enigmatic, dynamic, and unreported events of the all-boy prep school. The HRDC’s newest

Jacobs Transcends 2-D

It is a rare treat when audience members can exit an avant-garde film screening without thinking, “What the hell was


Stripped of his tuxedo, Aston Martin, and martini, the newest James Bond still maintains an heroic persona in his latest

Poetry Curator Brings Vision

Christina Davis, the new curator of the George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room, addressed a welcoming crowd last Thursday by saying,

Along Came Benny: Golson Talks Jazz

Savvy on the saxophone and just as smooth at storytelling, Benny Golson charmed a small audience last Thursday at the

'Presencia Latina' Looks to Leave Mark

Presencia Latina, Harvard’s Latino cultural show, is intended not only as a showcase for Latino and Latin-American creativity but also

POPSCREEN: Architecture in Helsinki

As music videos exhaust the old clichés—half-naked women, silhouetted drummers, and the ever-popular head banging—real creativity is becoming the most

Jack and Jill vs. The World

The popular appeal of the new film “Jack and Jill vs. the World” rests primarily on its once-famous heartthrob, Freddie

Sturgess Lays Cards on the Table in '21'

“I enjoy a challenge. I enjoy trying to do something I have never done before,” said actor Jim Sturgess in

Cambridge Debuts Safety Programs

Seven months after Harvard launched a campus-wide text message alert system, the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) yesterday started two new

Pudding's 'Fable Attraction' Provides Puns with Pizzaz

“Rent” meets “Wicked” in “Fable Attraction,” a spin-off of traditional fairy tales ranging from Humpty Dumpty to Cinderella. With a