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Class of 1984: Allison H. Brown

“On campus and among the freshman class, she was known as the banjo woman,” Virginia “Ginger” M. Young ’84 said

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Marathon Racers Run for Charity

When Molly R. Siegel ’10 tried running the Boston Marathon last year, she collapsed at mile 22 out of 26.2

Humanities Praised For Good Advising

Max H.Y. Wong ’10 said he is the type of Harvard student who shops fifteen courses during the first week

Slumping Economy Hits Job Recruiters

The number of on-campus recruiters at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences fell by nearly 20 percent this spring, leading

Jobs Tough To Find For Future Financiers

There was a time when Sangu J. Delle ’10 seemed to have the job market in the palm of his

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Students Create Darwin Exhibit

On the shelves of the Cabot Science Library sit a license plate, several action figures, ape skulls, and a television

Study: Harvard Benefits Local Economy

Harvard has contributed nearly $4.8 billion in economic activity to the greater Boston region in the 2008 fiscal year, according

ROVING REPORTER: Prowling for the Next Rowling

Tariq N. Ali ’09 RR: Who would you want to be your class’s Commencement speaker? TA: Who I want as

Walden Data Aids Climate Science

Dressed in a green T-shirt, brown zip-up hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, the only hint that Charles C. Davis is a

The Evolution of History of Science

She came to Harvard wanting to be a doctor, and she knew science would be in her future. But what

Smaller Solar System Shows Several Similarities

One of the solar system’s little siblings is even more like our own than researchers had previously thought, according to

Pledge Advocates Sustainable Habits

Pledging to take shorter showers, buy organic food, and boycott bottled water, nearly 4,000 members of the Harvard community have

Campaign Health Advisors Square Off

The presidential candidates’ senior health advisors fielded questions on insurance, subsidies, and contraceptives in a debate titled “Women’s Health: McCain

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Spelling Discusses Education Policy at IOP Event

U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings flashed a 120-question, six-page financial aid form before the eyes of a packed audience

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OCS Expands Forum Offerings

Seniors beginning their job searches amid doom-ridden news of bank failures and Wall Street woes found a broader palette of