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Anant Agarwal

Under Bacow, Possibilities for Growth in DCE and edX

University President-elect Lawrence S. Bacow said he is interested in creating more opportunities for underresourced communities to access Harvard and its teaching at a press conference on Sunday.

Anant Agarwal
City Politics

EdX Partners with Microsoft, GE to Provide Subsidized Courses

Harvard and MIT's digital learning platform edX is partnering with Microsoft and GE to provide Mass. residents with subsidized online courses and guaranteed job interviews.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard Material?

Each month, Harvard receives approximately 200 requests from College students wishing to see their admissions files. But some say they're left with more questions than answers.

Samantha Powers and Greg Barker

Samantha Power Speaks at Advance Screening of Obama Documentary

Standing in front of a packed room, documentary filmmaker Greg Barker told the crowd that, for the next 90 minutes, Donald Trump would not be president.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017

Two Harvard Seniors Win International Rhodes Scholarships

Harvard seniors Terrens Muradzikwa ’18 and Mandela Patrick ’18 will continue their studies abroad at Oxford as international Rhodes Scholars.

Bryan Sutton

Bryan Sutton

A scientist at Siemens, Bryan Sutton is one of 26 candidates running for Cambridge City Council this year. Sutton moved to Cambridge a few years ago and has since joined several volunteer and political reform groups.

Master of Plaster

Semitic Museum Hopes to Break Mold with Sphinx Casting

Scholars and students have labored over resin and molds with to bring a piece of the Great Sphinx—or at least a facsimile of it—to Cambridge.

Truth Bomb

Study Shows Public Approval of Nuclear Weapons Usage

American public approval of nuclear weapons use remains strong despite equal diplomatic alternatives, Stanford political scientist Scott D. Sagan argued​.