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Harvard Management Co. Decreased Investments in Meta and Alphabet, Sold Biopharma Holdings in Q3

The Harvard Management Company sold a significant percentage of its direct holdings in Meta and Alphabet, as well as the entirety of its direct holdings in several acquired biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, during the third quarter of 2023.

By the Numbers: Harvard’s Fiscal Year 2023 Financials

Harvard released its Annual Financial Report on Thursday, which offers a rare glimpse into the University’s finances and investment strategy. Here’s a closer look at the data revealed by this year’s disclosures.

Harvard Ended Fiscal Year 2023 with $186M Budget Surplus

Harvard ended fiscal year 2023 with a $186 million budget surplus — less than half of last year’s value — as the school faced rising costs from investments in its workforce and renewed activity on campus following the pandemic.

Harvard’s Endowment Could Deliver Poor Returns for the Second Year in a Row

One year after Harvard’s endowment reported a $2.3 billion drop in value — its first year of negative returns since 2016 — financial experts say the school could be headed towards a second straight year of poor investment results.

Harvard Experiences 18% Jump in Direct Public Portfolio Value in Q1 2023

The value of Harvard Management Company’s direct public investments increased by 18 percent during the first quarter of 2023 as key tech stocks in its portfolio rallied.

Outgoing Harvard CFO Says ‘It’s Time to be Very Cautious’ Amid Rising Economic Turmoil

Outgoing Harvard Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Thomas J. Hollister said in a Thursday interview that the University should be “very cautious” in its financial management as the school confronts an increasingly uncertain economic climate.

Harvard Boosted Investment in Singapore’s Grab App, Modified Biotech Holdings in Q4

The Harvard Management Company boosted its investments in Grab — a Singaporean all-in-one app offering food delivery, transportation, and digital payment services — and modified its biotechnology portfolio during the last quarter of 2022.