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there are no atheists in foxholes

One of the biggest casualty of last month’s attacks was people’s security in their ability to control their own lives

Abandoning Our Children

By Benjamin D. Grizzle In two weeks, the United Nations will host a special session in New York to discuss

Effect of Unit Tests in Question

Once upon a time there was a class that guaranteed a golden A- for an easy B+ understanding of the

Campaign Managers Convene for Conference

The chief strategists of Election 2000 were reunited, if not reconciled, at the ARCO Forum Friday as the campaign managers

Business Review Launches $8M Campaign

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has begun an $8 million advertising effort to publicize changes in the magazine's content and publication

Richardson To Take Kennedy Teaching Post

Outgoing Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson will be spending one day each week as an adjunct lecturer at the Kennedy

Mystery Invention Scores Book Deal

The story reads like the plot of a James Bond movie, but has the potential to end in the silliness

Students Receive Navy Recruitment E-mail

Over the last few days, nearly every undergraduate received a personal e-mail invitation to apply to be a commissioned officer

When TV Networks Attack

By now, everyone has an opinion about “Temptation Island.” Religious and family groups decry its glamorization of promiscuity and its

Convenient, Reliable Internet Voting

The butterfly ballot flew away with the presidency this year, and it is well nigh time for election procedure to

Stereotypes of Students Prevail Among Locals

For the average Harvard student, Cambridge is little more than a backdrop to the drama of college life. Every year,

Hillel Issues Its Stance on Mideast

Even with the world calling out for peace, Arabs, Jews and Muslims at Harvard have been having as much trouble

Mormon Temple

On a clear fall Sunday this week, thousands of worshippers converged on a hilltop in Belmont, Mass. to dedicate the

Tufts Christian Fellowship Re-Recognized by Student Government

A Christian student group at Tufts University was "re-recognized" by a branch of student government Wednesday after having been stripped

Rising State at HBS Opts Out of Rat Race

At the end of Mark S. Albion's '73 first year at Harvard, his father came to visit him while attending