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Helms Gives Unannounced Talk To Students at Faculty Club

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Richard Helms made an unannounced appearance at the Faculty Club last night to speak

Ames Contest Finds Another Justice

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall will replace Chief Justice Warren Burger as one of three prominent jurists presiding

A Healer on the Lam

The mavericks among us always have a way of standing out from the rest of the crowd. Whether we react

CIA Papers Link Harvard To Mind-Control Project

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) informed University officials this week that Harvard "was involved in one way or another" in

New Director Rides Hot Seat at IAB

When some 50 students mounted the steps of the Indoor Athletic Building (IAB) on Sunday and ran into a pair

State Agency Suspends Ellery Garage

The state Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has suspended Ellery Garage's towing license for 60 days beginning October 1, marking

A department with no professors

In the past year, a certain haze of orderly calm has descended upon the 77 Dunster Street offices of the

Resident Plans to Sue Ellery Garage

A Cambridge resident will file a lawsuit today against Ellery Garage for allegedly overcharging him on storage rates after the

Towing Garage Overcharged Student

A graduate student who recently had his automobile towed by Ellery Garage in Cambridge said yesterday the towing company tried

Three Undergrads Remain in Prison, Awaiting Decision on Clamshell Petition

MANCHESTER, N.H.--Three Harvard undergraduates remained in custody in the Manchester, N.H. armory yesterday for their participation in the two-day occupation

No Nukes Is Good Nukes, They Say

Few demonstrations of the '70s are likely to rival the occupation of the site of the proposed Seabrook, N.H. nuclear

The Greening of Massachusetts

The possession of small amounts of marijuana has now been decriminalized in nine states, ranging from Alaska to Maine to

History Grad Student Panel Circulates Petition Criticising Admission Policies

A group of graduate students is circulating a petition within the History Department criticizing the department's admissions policies and the

Two Stories of Minority Admissions

Were it not for the new equal access policy and the resulting 1.9:1 sex ratio, the large crop of Chicanos

Buchwald Accepts Offer to Deliver Class Day Speech

Columnist Art Buchwald will be this year's Class Day Speaker, the 1976 Class Committee announced yesterday. Buchwald will address graduating