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15 Most Interesting Seniors

Is "most interesting" a subjective title? Of course. Are these 15 seniors still very interesting? Certainly! We sent our writers to hang out with them in their favorite places on campus and glean a bit of wisdom from them before they graduate. Now, we hope you'll take time to get to know them too.

Editor's Note

Here at FM, we think categories are a little silly. This may come as a surprise, seeing as our magazine is largely based on content categories. They’re useful, of course — but non-essential at the end of the day.

Fifteen Randomly Generated Seniors

From Fifteen Minutes Magazine: We always told ourselves that anyone is “interesting” if you ask the right questions. This year, we’re putting that hypothesis to the test.

Editors' Note

In a nod to this part of FM’s more-recent-than-we’d-care-to-admit past, we’ve curated The Heat Issue.