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Langdell Ban Goes Unenforced

Sings posted outside Langdell Law Library yesterday announced that the library will be closed to undergraduates until May 24. "We're

Radcliffe Rugby Ends Challenging Year in Triumph

For Radcliffe Rugby, the path to the team's first national championship last weekend was long, arduous, and for at least

Hillel Draws Student, Local Crowds for Holiday Meals

Hillel's serving and students are flocking to the tastes of brisket, matzah and tsimis--a mix of sweet potatoes, carrots and

Council Approves More Funding for After-School Activities

The City Council appropriated about $6,300 to fund after-school activities in the city's youth centers at Monday night's meeting, but

Bringing Computer Work Home

Clackety-clack, clackety-clack, all day long. In dorm rooms, in house labs, in science center kiosks--a high percentage of students own

Boston Cleans Up 'Combat Zone'

BOSTON--On a night in late November 1976, a few days after a disappointing loss in The Game, about 16 football

Bobo, Thernstroms Debate Affirmative Action

Does arguing for affirmative action necessitate a "gloom and doom" perception of American race relations, or is it just the

Spending An Exotic Summer with the State Department

Three months of stocking shelves with brassierres in a peach-scented retail store was enough for Danice L. Woodley '00, who

Council Postpones Mayoral Election

The Cambridge City Council postponed its mayoral election at the request of Councillor Michael A. Sullivan who was away on