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Improving Care at Harvard

Every undergraduate commencing today has been at the University long enough to have experienced Harvard’s academic excellence firsthand. Each has

Lessons from the Core

When I was a senior in high school, everyone told me that at Harvard—a premier university with countless opportunities—I could

It's the Thought That Counts

The 200 members of the Senior Gift campaign have spent the last few weeks encouraging their peers in the class

Survey Says...?

By the end of this week, administrators in University Hall are likely to have finished preparing this year’s “senior survey,”

Why Are You Here?

LAGUARDIA AIRPORT—During summer recruiting this winter, I got asked the same question nearly a dozen times. “Why are you interested

New Yorkers Should Hike, Not MTA

Traveling within the beautiful City of New York is becoming more expensive and more irritating. On May 4, the city’s

Getting A Lot of Action, Early

When Harvard changed its early application policy last week—retaining early action, but forbidding applicants from applying early elsewhere—three prominent administrators

A 168-Hour Week

It came as no surprise last week that Dean of Undergraduate Education Benedict H. “Dick” Gross ’71 was appointed to

A Tale of Two House Lists

When first-years get their housing assignments on Thursday, each student will have been randomly assigned to one of twelve microcosms