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Web browsing, in its notorious present-day form, is anything but a harmonious experience. Pages take an eternity to load, graphics

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Late last week, the Internet took a giant leap forward, or backward, depending on whom you believe. But you're not

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A quick tip for all the seniors going through job recruiting right now: Don't even think about sending a resume

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Many of the fantastic visions about computers and technology from the early 1980s have remained simply fantasies, the stuff of

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1997 was the year of great falls in the computer and high-tech industry. Home PCs began to break the $1,000

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With the holiday season once again with us, it's time to start looking for something for that hard-to-please technophile on

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S o you say your computer's running a little slower? Does it seem to take an eternity just to open

Is Voice Recognition Possible?

W e've used keyboards to interact with computers for decades now, ever since punch cards went out of style in