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FDR Got It Right...

Herbie Haupt was the first of six Nazi agents to be electrocuted in the District of Columbia jail on Aug.

The U.N.'s Paladin at Harvard

Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) commencement address of the past century was delivered in Tercentenary Theater some 26 years

Immigration and E Pluribus Unum

You don’t have to be Pat Buchanan’s gin partner to admit that Weatherhead University Professor Samuel P. Huntington has offered

Cells, Embryos and Justice

So it turns out Harvard won’t be falling behind in the great stem-cell race after all. Last week, Cabot Professor

The Scariest Place on Earth

Poor Bruce Cumings. Familiar with him? He’s the University of Chicago professor who recently came out with a literary apologia

Our China Chimera

Much has been made of the fact that Meghan C. Howard ’04 interrupted Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his speech

Revoking Stalin's Pulitzer

In the annals of 20th-century journalism, few names are more ignominious than Walter Duranty. The New York Times’ Moscow correspondent

In Defense of Bush's AIDS Policy

A conservative Republican simply cannot do right on the issue of HIV/AIDS—or at least that seems to be the opinion

A Commitment to Excellence

This coming May, a very special group of seventh-graders from Texas will be visiting Harvard. Conventional wisdom has deemed that

Dr. Yang's American Freedom

I had the privilege last Thursday of speaking with Dr. Yang Jianli’s wife, Christina Fu of Harvard Medical School. Yang,

A Question for General Clark

In case you weren’t aware, Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark led NATO forces to victory over Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic.

The Conscience of Cuba

“In the 16 months I have been confined in this dreadful place, I have suffered the most savage physical and

Remembering Black Hawk Down

Last Friday marked the tenth anniversary of the Battle of the Black Sea, a day-long episode of urban warfare in

Bin Laden and the Baathists

Orthodox opinion in the Democratic Party holds that there was never any real linkage between Saddam Hussein’s regime and Osama

Let the 'Joizy' Jokes Begin

NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK CITY—If the state of New Jersey were a comedian, it’d have to be Rodney Dangerfield—because it gets