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Sound and Fury

For the last couple of months, I’ve been listening to all kinds of music, in very large quantities, sometimes in

Nick Hornby Discusses Songs, Books

Nick Hornby is a fan’s fan, and has written the book to prove it. Hornby’s latest work, Songbook, recently published

Sound and Fury

I just completed my first legal music download, courtesy of the iTunes music store and a gift certificate from a

Aesop Rocks With ‘Bazooka Tooth’ Tour

Aesop Rock doesn’t care what critics think of his music. “People’s opinions outside of my direct group of friends means

Reggae Artist Burning Spear Rocks the Roxy

Burning Spear is comfortable with the title of “legend” that is universally bestowed upon him. “When people see a legend,

Sound and Fury

I am a confessed music snob. I like my music informed by history, complex and multi-layered. I like to listen

Sound and Fury

Everyone who listens to music with any real interest knows the feeling. That sort of fevered, messianic impulse that visits

Sound and Fury

An apocryphal story has it that several years ago, Dave Matthews traveled to London and began to play on the