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Clearing the Underbrush

Recent events in Massachusetts have reopened a statewide debate over the death penalty. Most recently, the state House of Representatives

Doing the Orientation Week Dance

M uch like a high-school reunion, speaking in public and a first junior-high dance, Orientation Week is much better experienced

A Mere Formality

F or him, the house formal actually begins two days prior. It begins on a sunny Friday inside Keezer's Formalwear

Shuttles to Run Later, But Not to River

The operating committee of the University approved several pieces of an Undergraduate Council proposal calling for significant expansion of the

In New Book, Glazer Restates Positions On Affirmative Action, Multiculturalism

In his latest book, Professor Emeritus of Education and Sociology Nathan Glazer, a pre-eminent neoconservative scholar, significantly restated his position

Ratify the Convention Now!

T his week, the Senate will begin full-session deliberations on the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), an international treaty which will

Women's Coalition Posters Vilify Final Clubs

Along with promotions for weekend concerts and movies on kiosks around the Yard, students this week also spotted posters across