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Heroes of Shipka

Heroes of Shipka is quite a delightful venture into Soviet cowboys and Indians. The film depicts in ardent propagandist terms

The Exception and the Rule

The New Theatre Workshop's presentation of Bertolt Brecht's one-act play The Exception and the Rule is an extremely interesting exercise

The Miracle of Marcelino

The Miracle of Marcelino is a pleasant and well-made little film, but will prove completely acceptable only to those filled

No Exit and This Property Is Condemned

This double-bill of Sartre and Williams marks the advent of a new Boston "off-Broadway" repertory theatre. Judging by the first

Fernandel the Dressmaker

The Brattle's latest Gallic import is unaffectedly gay, fresh, witty, and delightful without a single existential, soul-searching or morbid note.

Fire Under Her Skin

Fire Under Her Skin, a French import no doubt better suited for domestic consumption, is one of the most egregiously

The British West Indies: Federation

The British West Indies is the largest group of colonial possessions in the New World, and in 1958 will become

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Bogie has come through again in another Brattle resurrection. And he doesn't go it alone for once, but has a

Novel into Film: A Critical Study

Novels into Film is an important and impressive critical work that goes a good deal beyond the limited and scholarly