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Leontief Gets His Nobel

When Wassily Leontief heard that a Harvard professor with a Russian name had won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Economics,

Prisoners of Class

I N A QUIET, residential area of Brooklyn, N.Y., a crowd of angry white teen-agers surrounded the main doors of

Two Tragedies In a Week

Two days after Thanksgiving. Ethel P. Higonnet, a fellow of the Radcliffe Institute, was murdered in Longfellow Park one block

HEW Finally Says Yes

A weary Department of Health Education and Welfare finally accepted Harvard's third affirmative action proposal last week on condition that

Professors Urge Prosecuting Office Be Re-Established

A majority of Harvard Law School professors yesterday signed a statement urging Congress to "establish at once" an independent prosecuting

Leontief Keeps the Prize in the Family

An elegantly simple technique won this year's Nobel Prize in Economics for Wassily W. Leontief, Lee Professor of Economics and

Japanese Give $1 Million To Harvard

The Japanese further demonstrated their desire for improved relations with the U.S. last week when the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.,

Harvard Endorses 3 Women For Male-Restricted Rhodes

Harvard yesterday broke with a 71-year-old tradition by endorsing women applicants for the Rhodes Scholarship, restricted by law since its

NAM Collects 1000 Signatures In Campaign for ROTC Vote

About 1000 students yesterday signed petitions circulated by the New American Movement (NAM) calling for an undergraduate referendum on the

NAM Will Poll Students On the Return of ROTC

Petitions calling for a student referendum on the return of ROTC to Harvard will circulate in dining halls today, spokesmen

Box Jox Stifle 'Cliffe Varsity Tennis Team, 6-3

As if Bobby Riggs's victory over Margaret Court wasn't enough, the Box Jox tennis team, ranging in talent from Cambridge

Students in East Asian Studies Protest End of Intensive Track

About 20 students yesterday met with Faculty members in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations to protest the

Union Calls Shell Boycott

A group of representatives from various AFL-CIO unions urged passersby in the Boston Common last week to support the four-month-old

Czech Exile Recalls Tensions Leading to 'Spring of Prague'

Jiri Pelikan, a former member of the deposed Dubcek government in Czechoslovakia, told a group of about 30 people in

A Peepshow of the Economics Department

M EETINGS OF THE Harvard Economics Department are like an X-rated movie. Only those tenured faculty members admitted to the