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Even Punks Sing the Blues

Philly is working on a nuclear submarine. Three weeks ago, he was finishing up his shore leave in Boston, seeing

Hitler, Here is Your Victory

"Culture? When I hear the word culture I reach for my pistol." --Herman Goering H E IS INTRODUCED as the

Confronting Moloch

G IVE ME A hero. Someone willing to throw his body on the line, who will feel the cutting edge

A Captive Audience

A LL OVER THE COUNTRY, they sit there with cold eyes and pursed lips, washed faces nursed by distant images

The Color of Their Brains

T HERE'S ONLY ONE STORY I'll ever tell." A whore stood with her pink thumb out to the road, blocking

Heroes and Fools

"Fenway Park is a religious shrine. People go there to worship." --Bill Lee A ND SO THE real history of

Going Away Sadly

"Where have the last feelings of decency and self-respect gone when even our statesmen, in other ways a very unprejudiced

God's Catch

Gloucester is a good American town, the kind of town that hates anything too far out of its ken. Gloucester

Of Wolves and Men

I HATED him like I had never hated anyone before. Hate at first sight, like a wolf and a hunted