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Sympathy for the Devil

"Sin comes from the soul, not from the flesh..." --St. Augustine T HERE WERE WALLS, invisible walls, everywhere. He was

Even Punks Sing the Blues

Philly is working on a nuclear submarine. Three weeks ago, he was finishing up his shore leave in Boston, seeing

Hitler, Here is Your Victory

"Culture? When I hear the word culture I reach for my pistol." --Herman Goering H E IS INTRODUCED as the

Confronting Moloch

G IVE ME A hero. Someone willing to throw his body on the line, who will feel the cutting edge

A Captive Audience

A LL OVER THE COUNTRY, they sit there with cold eyes and pursed lips, washed faces nursed by distant images

The Color of Their Brains

T HERE'S ONLY ONE STORY I'll ever tell." A whore stood with her pink thumb out to the road, blocking

Heroes and Fools

"Fenway Park is a religious shrine. People go there to worship." --Bill Lee A ND SO THE real history of

Going Away Sadly

"Where have the last feelings of decency and self-respect gone when even our statesmen, in other ways a very unprejudiced

God's Catch

Gloucester is a good American town, the kind of town that hates anything too far out of its ken. Gloucester

Of Wolves and Men

I HATED him like I had never hated anyone before. Hate at first sight, like a wolf and a hunted

Feast of Dollars

It is strictly Italian-American practice, this business of celebrating the saints and pinning large-denomination dollar bills on the icon of

When Cleveland Comes to Zion

Cleveland is the city of oppression. Sordid, evil, satanic oppression. Billowing oppression with smoke so thick that it bogs down

Like a Rat Out of a Trap

The Pillsbury doughboy breathed a heavy sigh on Sunday night. "We killed again," he told reporters after his Red Sox

A Gerbil's Prayer

Don Zimmer is smiling his paunchy smile these days, nervously. He sees his team only 3 1/2 games out of

Like Lemmings to the Sea...

There is no way to describe the greasy, sticky, feeling of self-loathing that seeps into your skin on a Trailways