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Harvard Opens Health Facility Near Kenmore

The Harvard Community Health Plan (HCHP), a health maintenance organization, has opened a new health care facility near Kenmore Square

Federal District Court Judge Dismisses Yale Sex-Bias Case

A Federal District Court has dismissed a former undergraduate's lawsuit against Yale University for lacking appropriate procedures for handling sexual

Experts Say Volcker Is Conservative

Harvard economists contacted yesterday said the appointment of Paul A. Volcker to head the Federal Reserve Board would lead to

Employee Anti-Nuclear Group To Show NBC Film Tomorrow

University Citizens Against Nukes (UCAN), a group of Harvard employees, will show the NBC documentary "Danger: Radioactive Waste" on Wednesday,

Paul's Mall/Workshop Closes; Fifteen Years of Jazz End

Milt Jackson bent and swayed over the vibes Saturday night at the Jazz Workshop, sweating and smiling briefly at the

Milt and Cookies

This is a sad weekend for jazz in Boston. The Paul's Mall/Jazz Workshop complex is closing down. A center for

No Drowning in the Mainstream

It is Monday night. I am sitting at my desk. I am working, really. The radio is on. The DJ

Hot Jazz on the Cob and an Outside Drummer

Art Blakey is a living legend, a musical, almost melodic drummer, a musician who performs for his audience as much

I'll Drink to That!

About 4000 cavities form daily in the mouths of children and teenagers in the metropolitan Boston area. Most dental and

Employee Snow Policy Issued; Salary Guidelines Released

Recent heavy snows and subsequent employee commuting problems prompted Daniel D. Cantor, director of personnel administration, to issue an inclement

Church and Theater Ensemble To Appeal Zoning Board Vote

The Cambridge Ensemble theater group and the church that has housed the group for four years will appeal in court

Physics Students Abandon Their Gambling System

The group of Harvard physics graduate students who devised a system last summer to beat the Massachusetts state lottery voted

Job Prospects Good for Class of 1977

Job prospects for the Class of 1977 are the best in the last five years, the College Placement Council announced

Professor Advocates Nuclear Power

"It is sheer folly to reject the great advantages of civilian nuclear electric power, as the world's other energy resources

Radcliffe Aid Drive Falls Short of Goal

The University's fund drive to support financial aid for undergraduate women has fallen more than $700,000 short of its predicted