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For some reason, Harvard continues to be the place to stay for good jazz this week. Next Wednesday alto saxophonists


It is one of those weeks where it does not pay to stray far beyond the borders of Harvard if


For those of you who are still reeling from that great Coltrane orgy, here are a few tidbits to hold

Dreck from the UBS Evening Newsroom in New York

T HERE WOULD BE no problems if Network simply presented itself as good solid fun. The acting is uniformly fine.

Cambridge Focus

The focal point of jazz will be moving to Cambridge soon. The Rise Club on 485 Mass Ave., is a

One Piano Tuner

N O MATTER how one feels about the concentration task force recommendation to open the limited enrollment concentrations, the document's

Right premise, wrong recommendation

G ENERAL EDUCATION at Harvard is in shambles. The original definition of the program, taken from the Harvard Redbook--"that part

For Three Days Boston Becomes The Jazz Capitol of the World

The words float through the album. The sound is sweet and soothing. There are no rough edges. About five years

Yes, but lookout

I N AN HISTORICAL STUDY of post-Watergate writings, President Bok's "Can Ethics Be Taught?" would probably merit several entries. You