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The April Fools

S OONER OR LATER, someone will term The April Fools the adult analog of The Graduate. Someone probably already has.


F OR YEARS I've heard that if you wanted to see really good student theatre, you should abandon the Loeb


T HERE are times when the one-word quotations featured in a movie's advertising are, to one's surprise, accurate. Such is

Newport Jaz: I

I JUST received a letter from a Cliffe in Paris, who says that she does, indeed, love it "in the

The Best of Sci Fi

MAYBE science fiction isn't what it used to be. Or maybe I'm not what I used to be. Or maybe

ABM Again

T HE FINEST minds of this nation almost unanimously agree that deployment of an anti-ballistic missile system is logically and

A Hero of Our Time

ONE OF THE CHRONIC problems of House drama, I've always been given to understand, is that it too often allows

H.M.S. Pinafore

I F YOUR TASTE runs to full farce, there are a number of suitable performances currently running under the guise

Mimes Thrill Yard

SFMT--that stands for San Francisco Mime (pronounce it "meem") Troupe, and they came to Harvard yesterday to help the revolution.


I T WAS WHEN I was in second grade that one of the teacher at our school brought a plastic

Endor & Krapp's Last Tape

THERE IS something Harvard steals from you; maybe it is whatever was once heroic in you, perhaps it is what

Something Happened

D ID YOU happen to pick your copy of Something Happening out of the dust on your, entry's lower landing

Play It Again

T HERE WERE some people inconvenienced recently by the Administrative Board. The Ad Board disallowed their petitions for make-up exams.

Send My Daughter To Yale

T WO THINGS can effect change at Radcliffe: pressure and guilt. (The 'Cliffe's too poor to afford justice.) Sometimes enough

Franc Talk

W ELL, he did it again. Everyone, including his Finance Minister, thought Charles DeGaulle would finally be forced to devalue