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Reform In the College

Earlier this year David Riesman '31, Ford Professor of the Social Sciences, made a comment typical of Harvard Faculty attitudes

A Film Only a Filmmaker Could Like

A PLAIN, solid-thinking, no-nonsense Swiss engineer visits a drab, small-town cafe to make a speech in his campaign for the

For Faculty It's Still Old Mood on Campus

On April 9, 1969, Franklin L. Ford, then Dean of the Faculty, was forced by members of SDS to leave

The Schlock Heard 'Round the World

T HE AGENDA for the Bicentennial is now becoming clear. President Ford's pilgrimage to Boston's Old North Church to Concord's

Soggy Suds

I N THE '60s, it was Hair, More than any other cultural production of the decade, it summed up in

The Wrongs of Spring

Those men and women consigned to drudge through their lives within the constraints imposed by an insular environment have often

Defense of the Indefensible

N OW THAT Watergate has been exhausted in its guises of scourge against malfeasance in high office, extripator of coporate

Chile: An Articulate Voice for the Military Junta

The ambassador from Chile looks a bit out of place, seated on a deep couch and sipping coffee in a

Lush Cemeteries, Parched Villages

A S A FLEDGING adolescent a few years back I attempted to allay my middle-class guilt by adopting a philosophy

Faculty Council Hears Proposal To Grant Students Certification

The Faculty Council last week heard a proposal to establish a program enabling undergraduates to obtain certification for teaching in

The Extension School Helps Non-Students Catch Up On Things

At about 5:30 on weekday nights, when undergraduates are entering the dining halls for dinner, students at the Harvard Extension

Don Juan in Law School

I WONDER what would happen if Percy Bysshe Shelley attended Harvard. Would he, as he did at Oxford, send to

Interest in Politics Increases; Campus Groups Set Programs

Last year's entering class made national news when 250 freshmen--almost 20 per cent of the class--signed a list at registration

The New American Dream

Americans are awaking to the fact that Colombia is not Uruguay and that Mexico has more to offer than enchiladas.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Naive Student

W HEN NORMAN Mailer '43 came to South House last year, he opened himself to the questions and taunts of