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Reserved Seats

The committee drafting a constitution for a new student council was battered from all sides this week, as minority groups

Securing the Ivory lower

If you are raped in a place other than your home, remember everything you can about the setting. Try to

Just Another Bureaucracy?

Three years ago, 30 idealistic Harvard undergraduates met once a week for a semester to draft a constitution for a

'Straights for Gays' to Submit Petitions

Straights for Gays, an ad hoc student group, will present the faculty Council today with a petition signed by more

Dowling Committee Meets To Revise Draft Report

A joint student-Faculty committee reviewing the structure of College governance will issue a report to Dean Fox this month recommending

Amid Washington's Pomp, a 'Counter-Inaugural'

WASHINGTON--Less than 1000 protestors gathered here yesterday to try to deflate the pomp and circumstance of Ronald Wilson Reagan's entry

Student Government At Crossroads

In 1981, Harvard students will vote on a new plan for student government for the third time in little more

Student Assembly Requests Study Center Open All Night

The Student Assembly voted 51-1 yesterday to urge the College to provide a centrally located, 24-hour study center during reading

GUERRILLA Forces Strike Kiosks

A new student protest group calling itself GUERRILLA-Galvanized Undergraduates for the Effective Reinforcement and Response to Ignored but Legitimate Legislative