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A Senior's Serapbook Pictures at an Exhibition

There they all were-the veritable image of geographical distribution-sitting in the Waldorf Cafeteria on Mass Ave, freshman roommates enjoying their

Do 50 Years Really Make a Difference?

HARVARD may have long since forgotten the Class of '21, but the Class of '21-or at least part of it-has

Bad Things To Do Three Thirty Five

MY ROOM in Washington, D.C., where I am sitting now (enjoying air-conditioning and unlimited quantities of Breakstone cottage cheese), is

A White Man Tells All

173 pp., $5.95. SO MANY things died or otherwise collapsed during the sixties that it is hard to keep track

Books The Decline and Fall of Scott Fitzgerald

308 pp., $7.95. A NATIONAL magazine recently pointed out that F. Scott Fitzgerald, for decades one of this country's most

Theatre Atomic Flowers

"The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marlgolds," at the New Theatre, Cambridge, through May 23 COULD there possibly be

Films Bed and Board at the Paris Cinema

I DON'T know a single admirer of Francois Truffaut, myself included, who does not throw around the word "love" when

Films Lylah Clare

IF YOU'VE been to Los Angles in the past few years, you may have noticed that the last Great American

Pudding Rhinestones in the Rough from now until Bermuda

WHO IS the Hasty Pudding Club and what do they want from us? This is the question that came into

Theatre The Last Musical

THESE ARE old women coming down the staircase. They are dumpy, their hair is dyed, they don't exactly keep time

Films Closing Off of the American West

I Now that the West has been closed off for a good long time, it is only right that we

The Ten Best Films of 1970

There have been better years for movies than 1970. Indeed many of the most newsworthy movies of the past 12

Fairy Tales Death Rattles

"Trash" and "Where's Poppa?", opening respectively at the Paris and Cheri Cinemas this Friday CONSIDER what is dead. DeGaulle is


I THERE were no wedding pictures. Her father was dying and the occasion-this wedding in Brooklyn-was not as festive as

On the Town With Mel Brooks

A VERY long time ago I was spending my summers at a camp in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It was an intensely