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Gardner's Lectures

I T WAS ALTOGETHER fitting and proper that John W. Gardner's Godkin Lectures should be the first to be delivered

Getting Together

H ARVARD'S marriage to Radcliffe has already been solemnized by the national press. Though the Harvard corporation and Radcliffe College

Bottoms Up

"THERE ARE OTHER things in life beside sex and booze," wails Belle Bottom midway through the first act of Bottoms

Galbraith's Footnote

I N THE WAKE of Columbia, every expert on students or academic structures has been encouraged by eager publishers to

Dunlop's Iceberg

N OBODY at Tuesday's Faculty meeting chose to argue about changing the titles of Junior members. John T. Dunlop's Committee

Wrapping Up

T HE HUMPHEREY surge, it turned out, was not just a concoction of Lou Harris and the New York Times.

CEP Approves Alteration of Faculty Titles

The Committee on Educational Policy yesterday gave its approval to the Dunlop Committee plan for restructuring Junior Faculty titles. Under

Look Back in Anger

S TAYING ALIVE must be a struggle for legitimate theater in Boston; a trip to the Charles Playhouse will convince

House Courses in Peril

H OUSE COURSES have been the Harvard equivalent of motherhood and apple pie. Everyone knows that hordes of students apply