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...And It Pays Badly, Too

Thirteen-year-old Tucker McCrady didn't understand his first stage role. He was cast in Waiting for Lefty at his Sewannee, Tennessee

Southern Shadows

Strictly the Southerner had no mind; he had temperament. He was not a scholar; he had no intellectual training; he

The Pitfalls of Heroic History Writing

Due to an editing error the following book review was run in incomplete form on Saturday. What follows is the

Not Up To Par

Liberty and Power: 1600-1760 Volume One of Liberty in America--1600 to the Present By Oscar and Lilian Handlin Harper and

An Autumnal Adventure: Foliage in Vermont

N othing quite compares to the feeling of walking over the ground strewn with apples. The sound of apples crushing

An Ethereal, but Hip Fairy Tale

The King Stag By Carlo Gozzi Directed by Andrei Serban At the American Repertory Theatre 8 p.m., through September 5

Jewett's Open Door

T HE FIRST YEAR in office for Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 has been a momentous one,

Not Trashy Enough

Reversal of Fortune Alan M. Dershowitz Random House; 267 pages. M ONEY, SEX, DRUGS, mistresses, heiresses, revenge, murder and due

Don't Rationalize Away Sensitivity

I HAVE A FRIEND who is going to pose for Playboy. I do not know whether she will earn $500

Diet Dementia

I DO NOT look like Elle Macpherson. I could never wear a bathing suit like the one she sports on

A Poorly Cast Spell

T HE WORLD OF Robertson Davies is akin to a Gothic Cathedral. Amid gargoyles, demons, angels, saints, monkish chants, exotic

Students Arrested at Wellesley

Three Harvard undergraduates were arraigned Monday on charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace at a Saturday night Wellesley

Poor Little Rich House

L AST YEAR, when the Quincy House Committee made a $1500 windfall profit on spring ball tickets, it celebrated by

Second Prefect Affair Revealed

Following a second prefect's violation of a rule prohibiting upperclass prefects from becoming romantically involved with their freshman advisees, student

Computer Access Under Study

A committee of the Undergraduate Council last night launched an investigation into computer use at Harvard, following a recent administrative