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The Limited Harvard Experience

L AST NOVEMBER, several hundred professors and aspiring professors gathered in a meeting room on the second floor of University

Murderer of Harvard Medical Student Returns After Escape

A man convicted of fatally stabbing a Harvard football player in Boston's red-light district 11 years ago has surrendered to

Not So Fast

T O THUNDEROUS world applause Neville Chamberlain walked away from a summit conference in Munich with Adolph Hitler, having reached

Divinity Dean Plans Revamping of School

At his inauguration ceremony yesterday, the dean of the Divinity School outlined plans to revamp and revitalize one of Harvard's

'Very Busy' Reagan Forgoes Harvard Bash to Relax at Ranch

On this occasion in 1936, jubilant Harvardians gathered in Tercentenary Theater to hear and honor one of the most popular

Repressing the Press

O N A NEWS PROGRAM this past week, South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha earnestly proclaimed that the state of

The Backout That Backfired

Harvard spent six years and over $1 million to organize and finance the 350th anniversary celebration this September. Committee members

Calkins To Get Honorary

Hugh Calkins '45, recently retired senior fellow of Harvard's seven-man governing Corporation, is expected to be among 10 honorary degree

Give Them What They Want

P RESIDENT Derek C. Bok sat in his Massachusetts Hall corner office late last summer pondering how Harvard could possibly

McLean Enters Joint Venture

The Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital, New England's oldest private non-profit psychiatric center, has arranged a joint venture with a for-profit, California-based

Council Likely to Withdraw ACSR Rep

The Undergraduate Council is likely to withdraw the undergraduate representative to the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) next week

Selling a Piece of the Rock

D R. ERNEST G. STILLMAN '08, one of the Harvard's biggest financial supporters in the middle of this century, was

Conservatives Urge Sale of USSR Stock

At Harvard, "Divestment" is a word almost automatically associated with liberal activists, large rallies and South Africa. But some normally

Bok Wants More Grants, Fewer Loans in Aid Bill

Calling on the House of Representatives to avoid "creating on nation of debtors," President Derek C. Bok yesterday submitted testimony

University To Raise $20M for Engineers

Harvard has begun a drive to raise up to $20 million to invigorate its program in electrical engineering, a field