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La Notte

When Jules et Jim left the Fenway last week, the best actress in the world remained behind to speak softly

Lewis' Novel Begins Where Anthropology Leaves Off

F OR the first time in its short (about 50 years) history, anthropology has produced a book that will become

The Idiot

What happened to Dostoevsky's four part masterpiece shouldn't happen to an idiot. First Director Ivan Pyriev and his collaborators at

Theorist, Novelist Present Psychology Views

A HOLE will not rest until something is stuck in it," writes Groddeck, referring the symbolic significance of nostrils. Similarly,

Rocco and His Brothers

To journey from the worlds of La Dolce Vita and L'Avventura to that of Rocco and His Brothers is to

Panel Proposes Drama Growth

Three panelists agreed yesterday that the unfortunate state of drama in America today stems from the centralization of Broadway and

Indicted Sheriff to Retain Position at Commencement

Despite a grand jury indictment for negligence in the May 14 escape from the East Cambridge jail, Middlesex County sheriff

Prize Stories with a Personal Voice

In his first year as judge of the O. Henry Awards (for the best stories to appear in periodicals), Richard

Soc. Rel. Department Announces Plans to Liberalize Requirements

Social Relations concentrators will have the choice of three programs of concentration beginning next year, according to Robert W. White

Soc. Rel. Faithful Fail to Stimulate Growth of Plants Through Prayer

Prayer and thought are ineffective stimulants to plant growth, a group of students reported yesterday. An experiment conducted as part

'Lampoon' May Publish 'Mademoiselle'

Mademoiselle, the Great American Fashion Magazine, may turn its entire staff over to the editors of the Lampoon, the Great

Apres le Feu

Early in the morning of Sunday December eleventh a telephone call roused Paul Schuster. "You'd better get down here," he

World War II: Faculty Plays Key Role

World War II brought many changes to Harvard: plastic trays replaced china in the dining halls, and hundreds of WAVES

The Power and the Glory

Departing from the experimentalism of Pirandello and the social satire of Wilde, Repertory Boston has added a competent adaptation of

St. Matthew Passion

Despite an historically inaccurate interpretation by Charles Munch, Bach's St. Matthew Passion received a generally good performance yesterday from the