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The Library Comes to Town

T HE VIEW westward from Eliot House is not lovely. Across Boylston St. sprawls the MBTA fortifications, the subway yards.

JFK Library Corp. 1972 Tax Return Shows Firm Is $14 Million in Black

The John F. Kennedy Library Corp. is firmly in the black financially, its 1972 tax return indicates. The tax information

The Kennedy Library: A Sad Story

F ORCES VYING for and against the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library will rise or fall on their stamina. Questions

New JFK Library Plans Will Omit Glass Pyramid

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Library will lose its monumental 85-foot-high glass pyramid in scaled-down construction plans now being prepared

Truth and Consequences

I N LATE FEBRUARY, Israel A. Horovitz's newest book--the play "Alfred the Great"--arrived at The Crimson to be reviewed. That

Maguire Awaits JFK Library Plans

Representatives of C.E. Maguire, Inc., the firm making an environmental impact study of the proposed John F. Kennedy Memorial Library,

JFK Library Documents Illuminate Brinksmanship

This is the second of a four-part series on documents from the personal files of President John F. Kennedy '40.

Everything Now Hangs On Government

Once, the idea for a John F. Kennedy Library was young, much like Kennedy himself. Now it is old, an

Government Releases Library Report

The federal government issued this week a revised outline for the environmental study of the proposed John F. Kennedy Memorial