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Culture Vulture

J OHN LEONARD HAS a great job--chief cultural correspondent of The New York Times, which apparently means that he can

Clever to a Fault

N ATIVE INTELLIGENCE came out last year amid little fanfare, unheralded and unnoticed, which, while not a major tragedy, is

The Great American Novelist

T HE COMMONEST of misconceptions about Arthur Hailey's books is that if not great literature, they must at least be

A Parting Shot

I N APRIL 27, 1891, Colonel Charles Colcock Jones Jr. addressed the Confederate Survivors' Association, over which he presided, at

Decline and Fall

T HE MAIN THING to remember is that it's only a matter of time. An Army group ominously called the

Rhetorical Bankruptcy

W HEN PRESIDENT FORD was telling New York City to drop dead last month, he evoked a vision of the

In Search of Covington Hall

O UT in the hilly country of western Louisiana, near the Texas border, there must be a town called Newllano.

Changing the Rules

I N A PLACE as laden with committees churning out reports as Harvard, it's hard to take reviews of policy

Cambodia and Crimson Politics

O NE DAY in early May there was a long article in The New York Times about Cambodia, unusual because