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Last Sunday evening the two young ladies of 47 Mt. Auburn St. removed the tables and hid the cups to

On Wheels

"Little girl," said Vag, "don't run away as I shall not bother to chase you." The young lady in question

Three Twenty Two

In twenty-five years some old Harvard grad, vintage '58, will putter about his library until he finds a musty purple

Marcel Marceau

Words are not enough to describe the silent beauty of this man's every step and gesture. The tilt of his

The Admirable Crichton

Several months ago a man with a motion picture camera went whirring about the community filling reel after reel with


If you want to bust a strike boys, I'll tell you what to do. Go down to New York City

Song and Dance

Six grey-haired matrons wearing long-sleeved dresses, two young men in black sweaters, a middle-aged woman who never used her lorgnette,

CRIME Parodies Stump P-Y Crowd

"I'm telling you dear," said an old grad to his wife, "this time they're serious." He gave the Saturday extra

Professor's Multiple Roles Hinder Teaching

A few weeks ago a Professor of Philosophy rose from behind the dais at a House dinner to address the

The Pirates of Penzance

There's some life in the old show yet, but it emerged with some difficulty and from time to time last

On the Rocks

The boys with the ugly knees and the false tresses did themselves proud last night. They had considerable help from

Likewise, I'm Sure

Since we were accepted by Harvard, our favorite pastime has been beating systems--big systems, little systems, any old system. But

Drumbeats and Song

When the plot of a musical comedy is skimpy, when the acting is spotty, and the music questionable, the show

The Lampoon

It may be the high price of Cambridge liquor or the low level of undergraduate living. It may be the

Latter Day Poetry

It has become an unfortunate habit in recent years to pass off popular music as a "native art form," while