Robert H. Sand

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On Wheels

"Little girl," said Vag, "don't run away as I shall not bother to chase you." The young lady in question

Three Twenty Two

In twenty-five years some old Harvard grad, vintage '58, will putter about his library until he finds a musty purple

Marcel Marceau

Words are not enough to describe the silent beauty of this man's every step and gesture. The tilt of his

The Admirable Crichton

Several months ago a man with a motion picture camera went whirring about the community filling reel after reel with


If you want to bust a strike boys, I'll tell you what to do. Go down to New York City

Song and Dance

Six grey-haired matrons wearing long-sleeved dresses, two young men in black sweaters, a middle-aged woman who never used her lorgnette,

CRIME Parodies Stump P-Y Crowd

"I'm telling you dear," said an old grad to his wife, "this time they're serious." He gave the Saturday extra

Professor's Multiple Roles Hinder Teaching

A few weeks ago a Professor of Philosophy rose from behind the dais at a House dinner to address the

The Pirates of Penzance

There's some life in the old show yet, but it emerged with some difficulty and from time to time last