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1968 Descends Upon My Head

(The following eflusion appeared in the Harvard CRIMSON on June 12, the day before Mr. Lerner commenced.) T ALKING with

1968 Descends Upon My Head

T ALKING with my classmates on the eve of their graduation has no evoked a particularly festive response. Some are

Pennies for Peace

The Peace Fair happened last Saturday on the Common, dealing yet another staggering blow to the Administration and leaving it

White and Brown

A FTER the assisnation of Martin Luther King Jr. last Thursday evening ghetto-cities across the country braced themselves for large

Harvard Students on Trial

We should not be too proud. We talk of our dedication to democratic ideals, to the "free market place of


In response to queries about the accuracy of the CRIMSON Poll on the draft and the Vietnam war, the following

Harvard Student Arrested Selling Hippie Magazine

Gordon R. Foote Jr. '70 has become the first Harvard Undergraduate to be arrested for selling Avatar. He was nabbed

22 Per Cent Vow Draft Resistance In Senior Survey

One out of every four seniors at Harvard is looking forward to either fleeing the country or going to jail

Seniors and the Draft

The draft blew through the hallowed halls of the Ivory Tower this year and seniors who will have to face