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Pavlovich Postponed

U.S. Magistrate Peter M. Princi Wednesday granted a motion from the U.S. District Attorney's office in Boston to postpone the

CHUL Rejects Breakfast Plan; Favors 4-year Quad Housing

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life yesterday defeated the proposed reduction in the number of dining halls serving full

Vis Stud Proposal Has No Effect On Other Elites

Procedures for admission to Social Studies and History and Literature are not expected to change much this year, although the

Elitism Gives Way to Dollars

Robert G. Gardner '48, chairman of the Visual and Environmental Studies Department, is fond of describing Vis Stud as a

Vis Stud Moves To End Its Restricted Enrollment

The chairman of the Visual and Environmental Studies department said yesterday that the department plans to open admission to all

FBI Arrests Law Student On Counts of Loan Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, on the basis of information supplied by the University, yesterday arrested a second-year Law School

Netzer Claims N.Y. Default Would Hit Cities, States Hard

Cities and states across the nation will suffer a reduced capacity to raise money for their short-term operating expenses if

Bowles States Marxist Critique Of 'Human Capital' Labor View

The theory of economic production which depicts human beings as a form of capital is an "archetype of bourgeois ideology,"

Atkins Sees Need for Troops To Enforce Busing This Fall

The Boston president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said last night it is "very likely"