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'To Peaceably Assemble'

W hen Dr. David Gunn was shot last month outside the abortion clinic where he worked, pro-choice forces treated the

Respecting Good Fences

D iversity in the curriculum and in the faculty improves the quality of education. So does lack of diversity. Contradictory

A Gentleman's 'B+'

W e're smart, we're talented, and doggone it, people like us (or at least we like ourselves). But every so

Noble Principles, Misguided Protests

W hat do the Ku Klux Klan and the Boy Scouts have in common? Not much. But recently, the fight

An Unhealthy Generosity

I magine you were the head of a family and a sick vagrant knocked on your door one night asking

Public and Private Schools of Thought

I magine a society in which only the affluent could buy their own shoes. The poor and a significant percentage

Give Government a Chance

A t the risk of provoking another letter exposing my crypto-liberalism, I confess that I find the country's present mood

Making Scapegoats of the Goats

I s ritual animal sacrifice protected by the First Amendment? A recent case centering on this question gives the Supreme

Gas Pains for Long-Winded Candidates

S enator Al Gore '68 has written that he'd like to see the internal combustion engine made obsolete in 25