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From the Shelf Three Thirty Four

THERE'S no easy way to describe Three Thirty Four, the 1970 Harvard Yearbook. It is a wildly uneven product, amusing

Books Marching in Place

Harper and Row: 234 pages; $6.95. WHAT WOULD happen to a National Guardsman if he was ordered to fire on

The Pudding The Boy Who Cried Beowulf at the Hasty Pudding this month

IT'S BEEN a bad year for all the old values at Harvard, and the Hasty Pudding's HPT 122, The Boy

Faculty Caucuses Are Still Around

Four months and a summer later, an institution that many Faculty members hoped would disband after the April crisis still

Band Invades, Violently Disrupts Center for International Affairs

A band of some 20 to 30 persons invaded the Center for International Affairs shortly after noon yesterday, roughing up


Of the many surprises of the last 19 days, none has been more unexpected than the Faculty's spectacular display of

Houses Discuss Occupation, Raid; four Adopt Resolution for Strike

Students and faculty began taking stands House by House on the day's events, as they retreated yesterday from University Hall

Community Schools

T HE LAST YEAR and a half has not been a happy time for advocates of community control of ghetto

Black IQ's

D ESPITE APPEARANCES, Arthur Jensen's forthcoming article on race and heredity is not simply a revival of the 1930's genre

Lewis Mumford

L EWIS MUMFORD considers the view from his study at the top of Leverett towers one of the great advantages

When Intellectuals Meet

On the third day of last week's meeting of intellectuals at Princeton, a student observer complained to a reporter that

Intellectuals Hit Seminar Failures

PRINCETON, N.J., Thursday, Dec. 5--After three days of drifting discussion, the 90 world intellectuals meeting at Princeton got down to

World Intellectuals Meet To Discuss U.S. Problems

PRINCETON, N.J., Dec. 2--Ninety intellectuals from the U.S. and 27 other countries gathered at the rustic Princeton Inn last night

Let ROTC Stay

( The following is the opinion of a minority of the CRIMSON'S editorial board. ) I SOLATIONISM is a clean

Harvard, 'Them' Place 13 of 22 On All-Ivy Team

Harvard and Yale, co-champions of the Ivy League, dominsted the Associated Press All-Ivy team announced yesterday, taking 13 of the