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Federal Aid for Poor Diverted Urban Studies Report Alleges

Funds from the Community Development Revenue Sharing Program, intended by Congress to aid urban poor, are going instead for projects


Roxbury High is a five-story building of tan stone with Doric columns and statues of Greek goddesses over the green

Gilmore's Execution Stirs Distress in Law Faculty

Several professors at Harvard Law School expressed distress yesterday at Gary M. Gilmore's execution in Utah. "Preventing the first person

Affirmative Action Report Draws Fire

Spokesmen from the Task Force on Affirmative Action and the administration clashed yesterday over the University's revised affirmative action plan

Top Brass From Newspapers Will Attend Harvard Workshop

Top executives from several newspapers and the Associated Press will come to Harvard in late February to attend a new

Examinations Begin at the Law School; First-Year Students Study and Sweat

At Harvard Law School, exams come early. First year students will take an exam on Thursday that will determine one

3000 Celebrate Yom Kippur

Over 1500 people squeezed into the pews, aisles, and stairways of Memorial Church Sunday night to attend Conservative services for

New B&G Head Will Use Industry Ideas

Like a confident businessman, J. Lawrence Joyce walked through the Buildings and Grounds office yesterday where he will soon be

Speakers to Assail U.S. Spy Activities At B.U. Teach-In

Robert Meeropol, the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and Eqbal Ahmad, co-defendant in the Harrisburg eight trial, will speak