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The Liberal Imagination

W ILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING'S mind is like a house, a labyrinthine structure with windows overlooking the soul on one side

At Home On the Left

Anthony Lewis '48 marks the events in his career by the deaths of John and Robert Kennedy. "Robert Kennedy meant

America's Gentle Giant

Great geniuses have the shortest biographies. Their cousins can tell you nothing about them. They lived in their writings, and

Where They Stand

Personality, not politics, has dominated the 1980 presidential campaign. Environmental, economic, and social issues have taken a back seat to

The Poor Man's Jules and Jim

I T STARTED WITH a flip of the coin. Jeannette, the strong-willed, pleasure-seeking, voluptuous Southern wayfarer who has come into

L' Absurdite, C'est Moi

T HE MOON over the Mather House courtyard would delight Samuel Beckett as it dodges behind thick black clouds during

A Poetry Party

T HERE'S AN ALMOST MAGICAL land of the imagination where poets congregate, shutting out the rest of the world. Occasionally,

Too Many Hats Too Soon

A NYONE WILLING to suspend disbelief and ignore awkwardness for 90 minutes will find much of Marshall Brickman's new comedy

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Times Square simmers in July. Dodging early morning traffic on what always seems the hottest day of the summer, I

From the Peanuts Gallery

I WAS SEVEN years old the first time I saw You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. A friend of mine

Children of Darkness

W ILLIAM GOLDING HATES children. They are ignorant monsters who savagely destroy each other, worse than adults, who at least

Ireland's Second Coming

W ILLIAM BUTLER YEATS once claimed that when we argue with someone else, it's rhetoric, but when we argue with

Lowell to Decide Whether to Elect Assembly Delegates

The Lowell House Committee voted late last night to hold a House-wide referendum to decide whether to elect representatives to

BSA Will Ask Harvard To Mark King's Birthday

The Harvard Black Students Association (BSA) yesterday announced that it would ask the Harvard administration to declare the Rev. Martin

One Chapter Was Plenty

T HIS IS JUNK, and not even the good junk that we've come to expect from Neil Simon. Many of